Hi, I’m Sheryle. Welcome to my blog.

I am a rather eclectic woman who does not do well following the rules.

I broke a big rule when I decided to say, to hell with the system, I’m out.

I will not work until I am 65 and have a giant pile of cash stashed in my bank accounts.  I will sell my home, nearly all of my possessions, move into a travel trailer, and explore this wonderful country of ours with my husband while we are fit and healthy enough to do so. Basically, I will enjoy my life and spend it the way I see fit.

This is why you might want to check it out:

  • I have no target audience; everyone is welcome
  • I have desire to monetize this blog, so you will not need to endure pop-up adds all over the place
  • Since this is not a moneymaking blog, I will not try to sell you anything other than my opinion
  • I can also speak my mind without worrying about offending my customers
  • I will be using this blog to practice my creative non-fiction writing skills. Therefore I will focus on content vs “how many people are looking at my blog and how can I get more to click on”

This blog is a collection of my essays, musings, and thoughts regarding the aspects of life I am passionate about. And a few of the things I am annoyed about.

A few topics you may find appear from time to time:

  • wellness-I am a wellness/fitness professional, currently not working, by choice, but always practicing my craft.
  • family life-the roots of stability for me as I wander the land.
  • travel
  • food
  • writing
  • whatever pops into my head

My blog, my life, my rules, my words

Come on in, if you dare….