A Season of Change…

The long, languid days of late summer are transforming into crisp and colorful ones. It seems September has once again caught us.

The children, decked out in their new fall attire, wonder what discoveries will await them as the new school year approaches.

The college football fans sport colors of  Maize and Blue or Spartan Green every Saturday as they cheer their favorites teams to victory.

The leaves redefine themselves from the dark green of August, to an explosion of red and gold.

September signals a time of change. Just as instinctively as nature senses transition, so do humans.

From my work in the wellness field, I have observed there are three major times a year when people really contemplate making changes.

  • New Years-Beginning of the new year; gotta get on those changes!
  • Spring-Oh crap, spring break is just around the corner; gotta get beach ready!
  • September-It’s time

There is just something about September….I have noticed people tend to be more successful with changes, lifestyle or others, in September.

Perhaps it is the more relaxed atmosphere. Or maybe, we just have more time to ourselves, with the busy-ness of summer behind us. And for some, we may return to those long forgotten New Years resolutions with new and readjusted eyes.

For me, it’s time to get back to work. On this blog. On my running program. On my travels.

Join me this fall as I travel west to Colorado for fall, and south to Texas to enjoy the winter months.

And while you anxiously await my next blog post and the insights I may have…

…imagine making a few changes of your own as we navigate through the remainder of 2017 on this amazing journey we call life.

See ya next time….img_5004-4


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