A Day in the Week (end)

The Weekend-


I just like this pic and saying

Oh the weekend! Just as I feel the universal negative vibes on Monday, I also feel the positive energy the weekend provides.

Like many distance runners, I utilize the energy of Saturday morning for my long run. Then I get on with my weekend. A bit of leisure, some social time, some sports watching, a couple cocktails, and some junk style food.

Today concludes my series on “A Day in the Week.” Writing daily posts (my process takes several hours for about 1000 words and a few pics, how am I ever going to write a book!?) is proving a challenge. I will be taking a small break to get this rig spring cleaned, and ready to head north. See you in a couple weeks

I will leave you with a few pics of a typical Florida weekend for us.

Enjoy your weekend and stay present in the moment…


I call this guy “rogue rooster”, he flew the coop just like me


A legend concert; Mr.  Willie Nelson!




Maybe a dip in the pool


Flea market finds


shopping truck



The Universe likes to leave me reminders of home


Love this glass


The mall, only if I have to!


Live your life…

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