A Week in the Life…



a rig, the woods, and Socrates

Hey there! I have been diligently researching and composing informative and helpful blog posts for the last 10 weeks or so. I think we all deserve a breather, don’t you?  What the heck, it’s nearly spring, maybe you can’t get away to the Sunshine State or other points of sun and warmth at this time. Ride along with me this week.

People seem to be interested in the somewhat bohemian lifestyle I lead these days. And many folks wonder what it is I do all day long while I am away from the, as we fondly call it, the Mitten. I enjoy my simple life here, but as you will see, it is not all rainbows and unicorns, as one might believe.

So, hey, hop on this cyber vehicle, and ride along with me for a week. Don’t forget the sunblock and running shoes. I will be posting daily this week. 

Monday: Or “Sheryle’s Very Long Day”


the brightest part of the day

Oh man, you may have picked an off week to be here. The weather lady predicts a day of rain. This is good, Florida is now in a drought, not severe, but a drought nonetheless. But the rest of the week looks chilly. It’s been hot all winter, why now? Oh well…

The gloomy weather did nothing for my mood. Despite being retired (mostly), Mondays are still Mondays. The only time I liked Monday is when it was my scheduled day off way back in the day. Not only is it Monday today, it’s “spring ahead” Monday, the Monday after a full moon, and it’s gonna rain all day? WTH. I hope this rig doesn’t spring a leak.

On the plus side, it is also National Nap Day. I wonder if NND is intentionally planned with all the other Monday stuff going on. Who thinks up this stuff? I won’t be going for a run in this weather, and now I will have to fit it in later on in the week.  I ate breakfast and opted for a walk in the RV park since the rain had not yet started.

A dark cloud of a bad mood is hanging over me today. Since I am already in a rotten mood, I will commit to the nasty task of my month-end financial work. Bruce keeps track of our daily expenses, and I compile the monthly and yearlies. Yes, every penny spent. And I usually procrastinate this quite well. I don’t care for this task, but it was my idea. So I must. I dislike going back on my word more than I dislike math and tedious work.

We have been tracking money for a couple years now and find it a very helpful financial tool. I am not fond of throwing money away. I am also not fond of going back to work. I have learned to like my nearly retired lifestyle. So we live within our budget. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it. Like my grandma said, “It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how good of a steward to your money you are that makes the difference.”


Bruce taking care of business

I tried to get in the mood to write a witty blog post after lunch and my afternoon walk. It was lightly sprinkling, and if you have ever listened to rain on a RV rooftop, well, it is just about the most soothing sound ever. Why fight the feeling? In honor of National Nap Day, I did just that. And it was wonderful.

Lounged about, putzied around, made dinner. My mood lightened, the rain did not. Bruce and I try to walk, at least 10 minutes after every meal most days. We recently saw a morning show segment recommending this to control blood sugar after meals. He has a family history of diabetes, I like to walk, so we incorporated this into our lifestyle. We absolutely love our evening walks. And I am excited to see how his blood sugar numbers look on his next bloodwork. Yes, I am a wellness geek.

Pre-walking days we would finish our evening meal around 8ish and plop into those easy chairs, and veg. Nowadays, we make sure we have eaten, and cleaned the kitchen (dinner ain’t done til the dishes are!!!) by 7:15. Then out the door we go for around 30-40 minutes. Relaxing after a walk is a much better plan.

Tonight it was still raining, so we, meaning Bruce, ran out to the truck and found our umbrellas and my rain boots. I have not taken a walk in the rain since I was in New Mexico in 2014. I stomped through mud puddles with glee, as my granddaughter Sofia taught me, and Bruce worked to avoid them. Why did you not get your rain boots out of the truck Bruce? Stomping puddles is a hoot! Thanks for reminding me Sofia.


dry feet for me

All in all, it was not a spectacular day. But it wasn’t horrible either. I got a bit of work done, a quality nap, 3 good meals, and 3 good walks. Neither the rig nor the truck sprung a leak (both have been known to do so)  Who could ask for more?

Oh my, now the power is out at 9:15pm. I take this as a sign the Universe would like me to get more rest. I do not wish to argue with the Universe. I never win….Goodnight, see you bright and early tomorrow.


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