Strategies to Stay on Motivated and on Track with Your Goal-part 7


There will be days you don’t feel like accomplishing simple tasks, much less lofty goals. Show up anyway. I am practicing this strategy right now. My mind is not overly focused, my motivation is low, but I know if I do not get my work done today, I will feel badly about it tomorrow. I am prone to procrastination, I don’t want it to get out of hand, so I am going to take some advice from one of my clients, and just show up.

My dilemma started last night when our RV awning got destroyed in a storm. It filled with water, even though we had it angled, like a giant water balloon. Then it burst. Argh. I know full-well this is a part of RV life, but dang it, at 4am? Of course, this blew my plans to begin working early in the day on my blog writing. Which I had already postponed from Monday because of a late Superbowl evening on Sunday. Can you see how the procrastinating starts? And snowballs?

I am sitting here for one reason. A client/friend recently gave me some advice in 3 simple words that have stuck with me:

Just show up

The person who gave me such sage advice is Patti H. Patti has addressed a long-term health concern with one of the most positive attitudes I have ever encountered. She takes charge of her condition and manages it, instead if it managing her. This requires regular attention to healthy habits. And she does it well.

There is indeed bliss in simplicity. See if you are as inspired by Patti’s words as I was:

In my older and wiser age, I realize I can’t squander my body and health as it is a Gift. COPD can cause depression, so to keep a healthy mind, body, and soul, exercise is the best medicine. Slow and steady, and baby steps!

I am learning to be kinder to myself and give myself grace. If I miss a class, I go to the next, don’t let it spin negatively. I finally stopped looking at the weight, and started focusing on being strong and healthy. It sounds simple, but just show up. I am grateful for what I can do, and I don’t dwell on what I can’t do anymore. Don’t say any, “if I would of, could of, should of.” Do it!

The Great Ladies (our fitness group) help me to stay accountable, and I push myself more in a group setting. I honestly believe if I didn’t exercise, stroll, and keep moving my health would be much worse.


My friend Patti

Patti, without your words of inspiration, I may have never shown up today. What comes around goes around, and I thank you for your wisdom and your words.

Let’s all show up today and inspire those around us.

Hugs to you Patti!

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