Strategies to Stay Motivated and on Track with Your Goal-part 6

After a month or two of working diligently on your chosen goal, you should be experiencing a decent amount of progress, and this success will help fuel the desire to complete the goal. The feelings of deprivation appear less often, and are being replaced with the feelings of mastery.

Most of the time…

Sometimes within the goal process, it seems we get blocked at every corner and cross road on the path to achieving the goal. The flow is not there; the universe, your spouse, your boss, whatever or whoever is not cooperating,  no forward progress is being made, and motivation is wearing thin.

Should you give up at this point? You could.

However, I would recommend you revisit the original goal, and look it over carefully.

Maybe you misjudged the the stage of change you were in, Goal Setting: Part 1, and you weren’t quite as ready as you thought you might be to begin working on that specific goal at this time.

Could the goal be broken down into series of smaller, more achievable goals?

Is the goal itself not clear enough to be followed through in a logical manner, Goal Setting: Part 2?

Look yourself in the mirror, straight in the eye and ask your image if you really tried as hard as you could/should have? If the answer is no, give yourself a pep talk, contact someone in your support network, and see if you can get yourself re-motivated to try again.

If you can honestly answer yes, you have really tried, then it’s time to give yourself a break.

This is no time for guilt feelings. Once you can get a bit of space away from the goal and begin to reflect, non-judgementally on your experience, and you an can begin to deconstruct the goal to find out, not only what went wrong, but more importantly, what went right.

Even if the goal is not a complete success, you will have learned some valuable insights and information for the next time you set a goal. And hopefully, you will have learned a bit about yourself in the process as well.

You got in the game. You played. You lost the round, not the match. Practice does make perfect. Next time you will do better, and the next time after,even better yet. Each failed attempt will build your strength with new knowledge and skills. Before you know it, your goal will be achieved, and you will be moving forward with a new intention.

I did then what I knew best, when I knew better, I did better-Maya Angelou





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