Strategies to Stay Motivated and on Track with Your Goal-part 1

Following through with a goal can be tough even with the best of intentions. Several blog readers have requested I write a post on maintaining motivation related to achieving goals. I could write one long, wordy post on all my best strategies, which probably would become a mish-mash in your mind. So I won’t. I believe it will serve you better if I just stick to one or two strategies a week for several weeks with the intention of seeing you through to the other side of that goal coin. The success side!

#1- You have studied the stages of change and done a self-assessment. You have set a solid goal on paper ( Motivation: Part 2.)  It is time to announce your intention to the world. Or at least your BFF. Don’t keep your goal to yourself. It gets too easy to procrastinate, cheat, pretend the goal is not there, or just plain forget about it altogether. What you need now is some accountability to someone, anyone.

Accountability can take several forms. You could go all out, as I did this year, and write out your entire goal on Facebook. Or you can paraphrase your intention to a supportive friend, coworker, or relative.

Many people are uneasy about sharing their goals for various reasons. Perhaps you are not yet ready to tell your peer group. I used to feel this way, and still do with some goals.  I felt, well, rather silly stating goals. Who am I to think I can accomplish …(insert goal)? Perhaps you have failed before, maybe many times, and you just don’t need to see that eye roll that means, “Here she goes again. What’s she trying to prove?”

If this describes you, here are a couple strategies to try:

Write, draw, collage, vision board your goal and place it in a spot where you will see it many times per day, so it sticks in your head, your subconscious, and will be with you at all times as a constant reminder. I used this practice when we decided to sell all our non-essential stuff and hit the road in our RV. I found a postcard of the mountains,  I cut out a pic of a RV and glued it to the postcard. I taped it on my bathroom mirror. When we sold the house,  I moved the tiny vision board to our apartment. It worked! Here I sit outside the RV in Tampa, Florida writing blog posts. Just as I intended. I still have my mini vision board to remind me of the phenomenal power of stating intentions.

Setting goals in the Sunshine State

Another idea worth exploring is online support groups. Whatever your goal, there is a support group for it. I have used these and found them very, very helpful for accountability. Even though everything is pretty anonymous, and you don’t really know these people, they are generally working toward the same goal as you. It is a way to not only stay accountable, but also share the joys and frustrations of working towards a specific goal.
I am going to state my intention with you right here to help keep me accountable on my new goal. First, abstractly, with a wide view of my idea, and second with a concrete goal.

Abstract-I want to write a series on maintaining motivation.

This is too general, a good idea, but I get no direction from this statement. It is a pie in the sky dream at this level.

Concrete-I will write a 10 part blog series on my favorite strategies to maintain motivation. I will post 2 strategies per week beginning January 23 and ending on February 20.

Now the goal is set up SMART-ly. It is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

And I am now accountable-to YOU!

Get out there and tell someone about your goals. Your goals are worthy. Get some accountability. Your goal depends on it.

And if you need someone to share your goal with, you can share it here with me. Leave me a message at the end of this post, and tell me about your goal. It would be my pleasure to be your accountability pal.

Next tip: navigating the “honeymoon is over” period


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