Adventures in Travel

pretty rig, but not ours

We departed Michigan on a dreary rainy day. Fortunately  we had done all our pre-travel prep-the-trailer work the day before so it did not have to be done in the rain and mud. Full-time RVing is not always the carefree lifestyle some would envision. We are methodical folk, like to do it right, it IS our home after all, and the tear down process takes awhile, so we do ours the day before. All we really needed to do that particular  morning was hook up, and drive away. Apparently  Mother Nature had other plans and wanted us to stay in the mitten a couple hours longer. So we watched some TV while we waited for the rain to stop.

The drive to Erie PA, where we were planning on holing up for the night, was equally as dreary . However, being fueled by the energy of new adventures and vistas, we didn’t give the weather too much thought. No rain, no rainbows right?
We reached Erie and the Walmart we were staying at around 5PM. We parked the rig and stepped out to inspect the trailer and it’s contents. It is rather amazing how little everything moves while traveling.  All was well with the rig with exception of a small leak around the front kitchen window, which for some reason, in our type of travel trailer leaks when it rains and we are moving. We (meaning Bruce) have been working on finding this leak, but until we nail it down, we keep towels around the window, and it works for now.

Leaks are an RVers enemy, and nearly everyone we know who RVs has dealt with with them. And my superhero hubby has managed to find and repair almost all of them. Except that mystery spot leak. It’s just a matter of time for that leaky spot.

We ran into the Walmart to let the service desk know we were there (please do this if you overnight in their parking lots, many of us want to continue to do so), and pick up a few items. It was lightly sprinkling when we left the store, but by the time we made it to the rig, it was a very heavy rain. We rushed in, laughing, and put our items away.

While doing this I heard some water flowing. We were parked over a drain, and I assumed that was what the noise was. It got a bit louder, I peeked around the corner of our slide room, and lo and behold, I got to see my first waterfall of the trip. Water was  flowing nicely down the inside corner of the slide! I am not sure what I said to Bruce at that point, but you can bet it had some hearty swear words mixed in.

Luckily, for us, the water traveled straight down and out a small hole near the bottom corner of the slide area, so the carpet and flooring were minimally affected. But there was still a good amount of water on the top of the slide. We grabbed several towels and Bruce began the process soaking the water up, while I began wringing them out.

And the rain kept coming. Generally if it rains that hard it stops within a few minutes, but not that day. It rained around 30 minutes solid. Once it slowed down, Bruce ran  out, got the ladder, and did a quick patch job (we could definitely see where this leak was!) with some handy dandy duct tape.

By now we were pretty well spent with the day of travel and a waterfall event. We quickly changed from our wet clothes, threw the wet towels into a trash bag to be dealt with later, and headed across the parking lot to a nearby watering hole where we found some food, well-earned drinks, and the Michigan State vs Notre Dame game on the big screen.

Finally some of the relaxing that everyone thinks we do all the time. Let me tell you, the next waterfall I see better look like this….

that’s more like it!

Other than the waterfall incident, as we have termed it, the Walmart stay was a good one. Erie PA quiets down nicely at nightfall. We enjoyed a good night’s rest, found some hot coffee at the Steak and Shake, and hit the road to Lodi, NY and the Finger Lakes region.

The drive was uneventful for the most part. We GPSed our way around Seneca Lake in search of Sunset on Seneca Campground. Now for some reason, our Garmin does not realize we are towing 10,000 lbs behind us. And it does not always give us the best route for that towing situation.

looks easy enough

The landscape was fairly hilly, but pulling through hills is not a problem for us. We have traveled mountains with no issue. What we didn’t know, is there are 2 ways to access the campground. And yeah, our Garmin sent us in the exact opposite way we should have gone. Shaw Road got narrower and narrower. The tiny road had a nice good tight downhill grade. Bruce put the Silverado in low gear, and down the steep skinny hill we went. All was good (?) until we approached a sharp curve at the bottom with another car speeding around the tree-lined curve.  Bruce hit the brakes, we skidded to a stop with the trailer lurching somewhat behind us. I am pretty darn pleased we started the trip with brand new trailer brakes!

The car went around us (I bet that driver uses a bit more caution around that curve now!), we turned and found our campground. Home for a week. I couldn’t hardly wait to get out and explore the area.

Usually I write of our sightseeing, but I thought the crazy trip to Lodi deserved a post of it’s  very own.

The moral of this story is to always check with the park or campground to see if there is more than one way in. And if so, which one is it? Lesson learned.

One thought on “Adventures in Travel

  1. May your troubles be over & may you enjoy the rest of your time & your ventures with joy & love that you well deserve!!! SAFE TRAVELS!!! ❤ ya!

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