Road Trip-Vicksburg MI/The Vault

IMG_1056If you have some time on one of these nice, sunny summer days, and are in need of a cruise, I would encourage you to get into or onto your vehicle of choice and head on out to Vicksburg, a charming little village in southern Kalamazoo county (and my original hometown!) While you are enjoying some small town life, you might just find yourself in need of some refreshment. I recommend you stop at The Vault located at 130 West Prairie St.

There really is a vault!

There really is a vault!

It is a neat combo of coffee house/wine bar/restaurant. The owners Clint Powell and Michele Snook originally started a business called the Boundary Waters Coffee & Café in downtown Vicksburg. In 2013, they purchased the empty Bank of America Building (thus the “Vault”),  and spent many months transforming the space into a relaxing environment that people from all walks of life can enjoy. The doors opened in January 2014, and from what I can tell, are in line to become a HUGE success.

Me+sun+patio+cold beer=relaxation!

Me+sun+patio+cold beer=relaxation!

As I sit here writing this today it is a half-day of school in the community. So there are a few tables of jubilant kids (may be the last day of school!), as well as a few members of the business community. It is filling up fast!! The last time I was here it was the interim between breakfast and lunch and there were a few of us enjoying coffee and working on our computers. The first time I was here, I enjoyed a nice, cold brew on their patio. I have not, as yet, tried their food, but the menu looks very good although Michele has informed me they are working on revamping it.

One can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner at The Vault. Breakfast is the typical array of breakfast items from specialty bagels, homemade crepes, and my personal fave, the omelet. I really like the idea you can choose from a large or a small omelet. Lunch and dinner share the same menu. Appetizers, Wraps, pitas, salads, soups, deli market sandwiches, some really yummy looking burger concoctions named “Vault Stuffed Burgers.” If coffee, wine, or beer are not your cup of tea, they also have soft beverages, and a full bar!

Can't you just picture yourself here?

Can’t you just picture yourself here?

The atmosphere is outstanding, particularly the patio which boasts a spectacular view. On Tuesday nights during the summer at 5 pm they host Bike Night on the patio featuring drink specials and a hog roast, which on one of the occasions I was here, consisted of a small buffet of pulled pork and all the fixins. I gotta tell ya, it smelled amazing.

Servers Alyssa and Audrey do a great job, and always have a smile for you!

Servers Alyssa and Audrey do a great job, and always have a smile for you!

The staff has been extremely friendly and efficient, the owners seem like really nice community-oriented folks. I appreciate the fact they let me hang around for hours at a time while working on my blog. For a fulltime RVer and blogger without internet at my current location this place has been wonderful to me.

So hop in your car, get on that motorcycle, ride on out to The Vault. Kick back on the patio, enjoy a bite and a drink, and watch the small-town life meander by. And hey, tell ’em Sheryle the blogger sent you!

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