Critical Mass – The point at which change occurs

We made it!!!

Well it seems that critical mass has arrived for the Sages. Change is occurring rapidly as we transition from apartment life (not so bad!) to the rv lifestyle (fantastic!) Since my last post life has gotten very hectic. Once spring finally decided to arrive, there have not been many quiet moments.

After we finalized purchasing the travel trailer, we had a few weeks before we could take it off the lot. The rv dealers take some time to make sure everything is in proper working order (a big advantage over buying privately, we have heard horror stories), and we wanted the Dutchman to have fresh tires for our future journeys. On a blustery Saturday near the end of April we picked him up with the help of our good buddy Steve Kline who hauls Jayco rvs for a living, giving us guidance on the ins and outs of actually towing a large travel trailer. Bruce got the Dutchman home and backed into the lot with minimal troubles, thank goodness. With the trailer attached to the giant Silverado it is almost the size of a semi-truck. As a side note, it amazes me that anyone with a drivers license is allowed to drive one of these rigs, but a semi driver needs a CDL license. Crazy, huh?

Our trailer was parked, but officially Oak Shores Campground does not open until May 1st. So back to the apartment we went to begin yet another round of downsizing, 4th and final time. But it was not all work and no play!

Team Family Tradition 2014


Now we must defend our title

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx Our daughter Shauna arrived the next weekend for the Borgess Run For the Health Of It event. Shauna runs the Kalamazoo marathon, and several other family members and friends participate in the Priority Health 5k walk to show her our support. This year all 17 walkers (age 4 months to 60 years) also entered the team challenge. Since we have walked for our 3rd year we named our team “Family Tradition.” We were judged on attire, enthusiasm, and entertainment. And we WON 1st place! It never hurts to have a couple of little girls in tutus to add in the “cute” factor. At one point the Mayor of Kalamazoo Bobby Hopewell, joined in on the fun and walked with us for a bit.


Food and drink at Shakespeare’s; one of our family’s favorite haunts!

After we completed the walk, the grown-ups were enjoying a couple Big Finish Ales in the beer tent while the children frolicked in the large grassy area as we waited for about an hour until it was time to go look for Shauna running in completing the marathon. My brother Scott looked up and announced, “There is Shauna now!” And sure enough, there she was limping toward us with a very sad look upon her face. Seems she sustained an injury and tried to tough it out, but at mile 14 decided she should find a medic. But she couldn’t and walked 4 more miles (longer than our entire 5k walk!) until she could get some help. She was disappointed that she did not finish, and I think she thinks she disappointed us, but not so!! She is always a winner in my book, and I am glad her common sense won out over her competitive spirit. She is getting married in July and had visions of walking down the aisle on crutches. After the race we headed down to Shakespeare’s Pub for some much needed food and relaxation. All in all it was a great weekend of family and fun!


Sheer beauty

Shauna headed out early Monday morning to get back to North Carolina, and Bruce and I began the process of moving! We have stayed at the trailer ever since, and I just can’t get this big ole grin off my face for having achieved this monumental goal. We really have worked so hard on this project for 18 months, and I am happy we are stationary for the summer to rest on our laurels a bit. We are such a goal-oriented society, which is wonderful, but I don’t think we take enough time to kick back and enjoy that brass ring for awhile, instead of heading right on to the next prize. STOP and enjoy and bask in your self-created glory!!!


My Mom playing a roaring game of bags

We did just that last weekend for Mother’s Day. I had my Mom Ellie, my bro, the boys and their ladies, and my buddy Mari out to enjoy a day at the lake and our 1st cookout of the season. We ate, drank, and were merry. My mom really enjoyed herself, and I hope to make it our newest family tradition.

And that, my friends, is what we have been up to. Our current location offers no wifi which is both a blessing and a curse. I am learning how to relax unplugged, but when I want to blog, it is off to the local coffee shop to enjoy some free internet. Although I am not completely unplugged (iPhone!), it is very, very nice, and I would suggest you all do it, except when you need to check this blog!

Livin’ the dream!

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