In the interim

It would appear I have been MIA for a bit on this blog! We are in the interim stage of being retired and awaiting the arrival of our new home. So just a quick catch up on what’s happening around here.


A very bright and spacious kitchen


inside the slideout


The slideout gives us extra living space


Bruce looks good beside his new home.

We spent the first couple of weeks continuing our travel trailer search. After much searching and traveling all over southwest Michigan, we finally found a home that had all of the amenities we need for our purposes. We had a strict budget, and it seemed many of the rv salesmen did not understand the concept of x amount of dollars out the door. This means with tax, tires, hitch, and all the other fees that go along with this sort of purchase. Within our budget, we opted for an older well-put together model over a newer, but obviously less well made unit. After months of research into floor plans and designs, makes and model, and quality of manufacturers, I believe we made the right decision. We pick up Home Sweet Home this Saturday, and will tow her to her summer home in Vicksburg.


The Kalamazoo grandkids

Of course, one can only spend so much time searching for homes. So to occupy our time we have been spending lots of time with our Kalamazoo family and friends. Leaving them will indeed be the toughest part of this whole adventure. I am pleased I took the summer off to create new memories to sustain me til I get back next May. All of my internet RV buddies assure me I will be distressed when we actually depart, but I will quickly get over it! Thank goodness for my iPhone and Facetime. I anticipate lots of days at the campground. I had a “Grandma at the Lake,” and have such fond memories of those days. I will try to recreate them for my grandkids.


Let the mushroom count begin…


Living proof of spring!

And, of course, there have been a few hikes going on as well, now that spring has finally decided to grace us with her presence. And just to hush up the naysayers who claim spring has not yet appeared, here are a couple of pics which prove it. Springtime in Michigan means morel mushrooms. Due to a strict code of ethics among mushroomers I cannot reveal exactly where we found these beauties, but it was in the southwest corner of this fine state. It is wonderful to be back out in the woods exploring, playing, and foraging.

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