My Fitness Family Part 2: The Kalamazoo Athletic Center

Circuit class. We get out all the toys and play exercise!

Circuit class. We get out all the toys and play exercise!

Or as we lovingly refer to it “The KAC.” This great fitness facility is located in the Radisson Plaza Complex in downtown Kalamazoo. I have been with them for about 4 years. I had a gap between my morning and night classes, and was looking to fill some time slots. Luckily for me the KAC was in need of a lunchtime instructor. I started with just a couple classes, and ended up working 4 days a week at this fine establishment. This club serves mainly the downtown professional folks, and these people mean business when they workout!

The staff. Wonderful people!

The staff. Wonderful people!

I needed to take my game up a notch, and I was in the perfect company to do so. My supervisors Matt and Bri  turned out to be wonderful mentors. Both have degrees in Exercise Science, and were a fountain of information for my endless questions. They both teach classes and do masses of personal training in addition to their other club duties. I believe it was under their tutelage that I went from being a good instructor, to being a great instructor. Thanks to them I feel I finished my fitness career at the top of my game.  And I am grateful to have been a part of this top notch team. Not only Matt and Bri, but our fine front desk staff.  They are all true professionals. And a lot of fun to boot!

Hardcore Class

Hardcore Class

Although only a few of my classes are represented here, I had the pleasure to teach Hardcore, Toning, 15/15/15, Cycle, Aqua, Circuit, and Poolside Yoga. And a brief stint co-teaching Rise and Shine Yoga at 6AM! That was tough, and I was not sad to see it removed from the schedule. I also had a great opportunity to teach what would become my all-time favorite class, Yoga at The Fort. Fort Custer is a wonderful state park in our area and we teamed up with the DNR to present an outdoor yoga class once a month. Yoga overlooking Eagle Lake at 9AM on Saturday mornings was an amazing experience, and I look forward to creating more outdoor yoga experiences in the future. It was exquisite. The scenic picture of the lake at the top of this page is exactly across from where we practiced.

Laura and Vicki are working that cardio station!

Laura and Vicki are working that cardio station!

To all of my KAC groupies (Their words, not mine!), thank you for being so dedicated to your fitness and overall wellness. You folks really walk the walk. A harder working group, I could not find. And fun-loving too! Keep up the great work, and I will be around from time to time. As I concluded my last Poolside Yoga (moved to the studio because we could not fit everyone in the pool area), several members appeared with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a gift card to a local winery (they know me well), and a Visa gift card which I am going to put to good use by purchasing a fitness monitor to make sure I don’t slow down too much!

Thanks to all of you, staff and members. The KAC is just a great club. There were a few tears shed as I walked out the door on that final class day. You have lost an instructor, but gained a friend.

Until we meet again….

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