My Fitness Family Part 1: The Seniors

IMG_0705Although I am totally pumped up about my new lifestyle, everything in life comes with a price. Thursday I began my journey of goodbyes with my classes. Pictured here is my Senior Fitness Class which I have had the pleasure of leading for about 7 years.

After I retired from my previous job at the ripe old age of 47,  I began to focus more on my fitness business. One of the first things I wanted to do was to become more involved in my community. The Comstock Community Center was running a Biggest Loser competition and I offered to oversee it. I soon became aware the center had lost it’s exercise instructor due to illness. So I offered to fill the position. It turned out to be one of my best moves both professionally and personally.

Many fitness pros are reluctant to take on a senior class. I have no idea why, and I wish more dedicated people would teach to this wonderful population. I had so many laughs and just plain old fun with this group, most of whom have been with me the entire time. They truly know how to workout AND have fun at the same time.

And the victories. Although none of us lost much weight, the program had great success. Any good fitness instructor worth her weight in dumbbells, knows the greatest outcome of any exercise program is improved physical health. And improve we did. Many conditions were improved, and several were able to decrease or eliminate their meds. And working as a group helped provide a social wellness component as well.

I learned so much from these folks about aging gracefully. Aging is inevitable;  getting old is an option. It is all about the mindset. And the willingness to take care of yourself. I am sure they taught me more than I ever taught them. I no longer “fear” aging, and if getting old is an option, I opt out. Just like they do.

As time marched on we did lose a few. And their presence was greatly missed. And my oldest participant at 96 decided to move to NC. I bet she is still playing cards and having cocktails on Saturday evenings with her family. The woman’s mind was as sharp as a tack!

Somehow I managed to keep it together and not dissolve into a weeping mess on our last class session. They sent me off with some flowers, a gift, and a beautiful card. I will miss them dearly, and I truly pray the universe will send an instructor to take my place. In the meantime, I have directed them to other senior fitness programs in the area.

Stay fit and healthy my seniors

Until we meet again….

The Exercise Lady

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