You’re gonna do what???


This is a common reaction when someone discovers Bruce and I are going about the business of becoming full-time RV residents.  Feelings are mixed with about equal numbers being either enchanted or appalled at the idea. Adventure seeking types understand, everybody else, not so much! Many questions follow. Will you keep your house? What if you run out of money? Where are you going?  Can you stand being with each other most all of the time? Motorhome or 5th wheel? What will you do all day? What will you do with all of your stuff? And why???

Great questions to be sure. And I’ll bet we have answered them about a hundred times over! But we don’t mind. It is fun to talk about our upcoming adventure, especially with the winter we have endured here in West Michigan. But perhaps you haven’t yet asked. Here are some answers beginning with why.

As many serious lifestyle changes are conceived, it was the death of a close family member which caused me to think in terms of my own mortality. Life is a limited quantity. And although I was  quite content with the situation in my life, I began to question if this was exactly what I wanted to settle for at this point, if contented was all I wanted to strive for. I am not getting, as they say, any younger.

After many heart to heart talks with Bruce, and both being somewhat adventurous and restless  in nature we both agreed we wanted a bit more out of our life, while we are young and healthy enough to enjoy it. This is the basic answer to why. But I also want to set an example for my kids and grandkids. I want them to know, if you have a dream, no matter how crazy and unachievable it sounds to anyone else, GO FOR IT.  Do not live your life to other’s expectations.

As for the rest, no we will not keep a residence here in the Zoo, but will live at a small rv park during the “nicer” Michigan months. If we run out of money, (we have carefully planned and budgeted for our adventure) we will simply start working where ever our home is parked.

We are going anywhere we please. With lots of stops in North Carolina and Southern California to visit our kids and grandkids who live there. Yes, we can stand each other’s company for long periods. We are lucky to genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and have many common interests.

No motorhome or 5th wheel.  We have decided to go with a travel trailer and a big ole Chevy Silverado to pull it. We are still looking for our new home, this will come after we leave our jobs in a couple weeks.

We fill our days with the same mundane chores as everyone else, but also plan to hike, bike, kayak, and spend as much time in nature as we can, as well as learning about and exploring the new areas we will be residing in.

And the stuff? It’s just stuff, and we had way too much to begin with! Most of it we sold in our garage sales, some to the couple who bought our house, donated some, some to the kids. Still have to downsize one more time from 1100 sq. ft. to about 250. We have a few items we will keep for when the time comes we feel our wanderlust has been satisfied. Stored safely at Mom’s. The kids can pick and choose from the what they would like, and the rest to Goodwill.

So there you have it!


5 thoughts on “You’re gonna do what???

  1. Well written mom. We are all excited to hear of the adventures. Part of me wants to hide in your suitcase and relive so many of the adventures you and Bruce took us on as kids. You guys go be kids again. Have fun. Love you both and admire you both so much.

  2. You will be missed during the winter months! I’m sure you’ll have plenty of stories to tell when you return each summer! Have fun and be careful!
    Your BFF!


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